Kyle Johnson and Earnest Brown One Minute One Spot

One Minute One Spot, Kyle Johnson and Earnest Brown from kyle johnson on Vimeo.

Long Island rollerbladers Kyle Johnson and Earnest Brown’s one minute one spot.

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Kyle Johnson Throwaway Clips

Kyle Johnson Throwaway Clips Edit from kyle johnson on Vimeo.

Kyle Johnson, brother of the infamous Long Island rollerblader Trevor Johnson; throws down some sick switch-ups in this throw away edit. Check it.
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Joey Lunger – White Riot

Joey Lunger – White Riot from Zeke Kubinski on Vimeo.

Joey Lunger is one of my close friends as well as the best upcoming rollerbladers from Long Island. From Holtsville, Long Island Joey tears it up. Joey has this serious attitude about rollerblading that makes you want to push yourself harder then ever when your skating with him. Filmed and edited by Zeke Kubinski.
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Get Involved!

Help get the site moving!

Edit: Just added a few spots in each section. going to add whatever else I can in the morning. Help add more!

Feel free to post some videos you’ve seen or edits and pictures of yourself! If you’d like to talk about rollerblading in long island or just talk about rollerblading and post videos feel free to start a topic in the forums!

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Welcome To Long Island Skate spots!

This site originated from rollerbladers. Every spot I go to I will take pictures of the spots and write down the location as well as info on the spot and post it here. Soon enough the site will be up and running with current spot information.This site was created by rollerbladers to allow other rollerbladers living on Long Island to find skate spots. My goal is to get as many spots as I can onto this site so rollerbladers know where to find these spots, what they look like and times when they will be kicked out.

Want to post some spots you’ve found?

If you would like to add a spot to this website you can leave a comment here or in any of the tabs where your spot may fall under. Also feel free to post spot info on the forum as well as going to the contact tab and email me a picture of the spot, address and any information regarding kick out times or any notes you may like to add such as need wax, brick etc.

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